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Andersen® Doors

Andersen Doors

For over a century, Andersen® Windows and Doors continues to provide doors that complement all home styles, to give you what you need for your building, remodeling, and replacement projects.

Andersen Windows and Doors manufacture doors that have a clad exterior that is maintenance free and a stainable wood interior that is prefinished or that can be stained to match your woodwork. Their 200 Series and 400 Series product lines provide large selections of choices for homeowners. Their architectural product line provides homeowners unique design options.

Andersen® Door styles include:

Hinged Patio Doors (Single Panel) - These doors have one panel that swings in or out.

Hinged Patio Doors (Multiple Panels) - These doors have multiple panels with at least one of the panels swinging in or out.

Gliding Patio Doors - These doors have two or more panels, with at least one panel gliding past the other sliding glass door panel.

Sidelights and Stationary Panels - These panels compliment any patio door.

Transoms - These are stationary windows that are placed above a patio door.

Commercial Entry Doors - These doors are made to fit standard and custom commercial entries.

For more information, please contact one of our door specialists for product availability and pricing.

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8329 Central Avenue NE, Spring Lake Park, MN 55432
Mon-Fri. 7:30am - 4pm, Evening & Weekend by Appointment

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