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Hardwoods and Softwoods Lumber Terms

(For Informational Purposes Only)


Hardwood - A general term referring to any variety of broad-leaved, deciduous trees, and wood from those trees. It is of higher density and hardness than that of softwood. Hardwoods are used in a large range of applications including: construction, furniture and flooring.

Mahogany - This is reddish brown in color. Very durable and resists swelling, shrinking, and warping. Used for quality furniture such as cabinets; boat construction; wood facings and veneers.

Walnut - Fine textured, strong, easy to work with and resists shrinking and warping and finishes well. Best used for gun handles, solid and veneered furniture, novelties, cabinetry and wall paneling.

Oak - Strong with good bending qualities. Is durable and finishes well and resists moisture absorption. Used for furniture, trimming, boat framing and flooring.

Maple - Fine textured and is strong and hard. Has moderate shrinkage and machines well. Best used in flooring, fine furniture, kitchenware and ornaments made from wood.

Cherry - Close grained and resists warping and shrinking. It will redden when exposed to sunlight and ages well. Used in cabinet making, boat trim, novelties, solid furniture handles and turned projects.

Rosewood - Very hard and has a dark reddish brown color. It comes from several tropical trees and it can be fragrant. Used for musical instruments, piano cases, handles of tools, art projects, veneers, and furniture.

Teak - This wood is hard and durable and resistant to moisture and rot. It resists warping, cracking and decay. Best used in fine furniture, paneling, shipbuilding, doors, window framing, flooring and general construction.


Softwood - Is a term used in woodworking and the lumber industries for wood from conifers. Softwood has a huge range of uses: it is a prime material for structural building components, but can also be used for furniture and other products such as millwork (moldings, doors, windows).

Pine - It has uniform texture, works easy and finishes well. It resists shrinkage, swelling and warping. This has many uses in house construction, paneling and trim. Also used for furniture, molding and boxes.

Hemlock - Light in weight, uniformly textured. It machines well and has low resistance to decay and is does not contain resin. Used for construction lumber, planks, doors, boards, paneling, sub flooring and crates.

Fir - Works easy and finishes well. Uniform in texture and it does not have resin. Has low resistance to decay. Used in furniture, doors, frames, windows, plywood, veneer, general millwork and interior trim.

Redwood - Light in weight, durable and easy to work. Has a natural resistance to decay. Used in outdoor furniture, fencing, house siding, interior finishing, veneering and paneling.

Spruce - Strong and hard. Finishes well and has low resistance to decay. Has moderate shrinkage and light in weight. Used for masts and spars for ships, aircraft, crates, boxes, general millwork and ladders.

Cedar - Fresh sweet odor and reddish in color. Easy to work and uniform in texture and is resistant to decay. Also used in chest making, closet lining, shingles, posts, dock planks and novelties. An excellent product for making decks, fencing and outdoor furniture.

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